SOLV builds and maintains utility scale solar power plants throughout North America. SOLV focuses on achieving maximum energy output for its clients with real-time output information oversight of all the plants (4.5 GW) going through a state-of-the-art Operations & Control Center in San Diego.

In developing the brand’s character we focused on the benefits of clean energy, meaning simply—clean air and blue skies. This was achieved through the use of a deep blue gradation to a lighter blue, ending with the sun and silhouettes of the Earth and moon. A modern rounded sans serif typography was developed for the SOLV name. The final result is a clean, crisp atmospheric brand identity that is unique in the industry. Simplified one color versions of the identity maintain this quality as it appears on maintenance vehicles, signage, uniforms etc.

We created a secondary graphic element dubbed, “the solar grid” for use throughout the identity system and is also integrated into the ceiling of the control room of their San Diego headquarters.